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Mijn boeken en cd’s zijn verkrijgbaar in je lokale platenzaak of boekhandel, via webshops als, via uitgeverij Brandaan of platenmaatschappij Volkoren.

Neem voor professionele bestellingen van of zakelijke vragen over mijn boeken contact op met Uitgeverij Brandaan: info (at) uitgeverijbrandaan (punt) nl.

Tekening: Juan de Graaf, uit Ninevé

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  1. Hi Rick,

    I posted a bit on the Ponoka FB page earlier, I just wanted to reach out personally.

    I moved to Calgary about 17 years ago, and since have started a few bands, went to music school, opened a music lesson studio, and have toured across Canada a few times with my band Jung People.

    Every once in a while (twice ever) I have come across other musicians from Ponoka. One in Montreal, and another who still is in Bashaw/Ponoka area.
    The latter I heard on a Calgary radio station, and will have coffee with him while i am in Ponoka for the weekend (wedding).

    I got curious earlier today, and googled Ponoka music out of curiosity, and came across you!

    I was blown away, because I have actually written a little bit about Ponoka in the past, and to find someone who has moved away, and has so much to say from the experience growing up here, it really warmed my heart. Especially since your music is right up my alley!

    It definitely is A LOT different from when we were kids, but there are still so many nice people about.

    Anyway, I just wanted to connect, and I hope you are in a good place, it’s really cool to find out that Ponoka has quite the output.

    Is there a place I can order a physical copy of your album?

    Bryan Buss

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